The topics related to the Reusable systems for Space Access Conference are the following: 

  • Research and Technologies (including numerical & experimental simulations):
    • Vehicle System: GNC, ATD, flight environments…
    • Stages and Structures: architecture, pressurization device, propellant’s management, structural dimensioning aspects, materials, maintenance, SHM…
    • Space propulsion: choice of propellants, of thermodynamic cycles, engine’s architectures, life endurance prediction, low thrust adaptation, functional and dimensioning aspects, materials, maintenance, HMS…
    • Electrical System (Avionics), and separation devices
    • Ground systems: telemetry, tracking, safety, launch complex, maintenance…
    • Possible synergies with aeronautic sectors
  • Technological Demonstrators
  • Launch System studies, concept studies, missions:
    • Numerical simulations: optimization process (MDO), concurrent engineering…
    • System studies: heavy, medium or small launch reusable systems, partially or fully reusable launch systems, return mode for reusable parts, launch from ground or airborne systems…
    • New missions associated to the system reusability: in orbit services, multi mission systems, synergy with aeronautic sector…
  • Strategy for reusability, scenario, development roadmap, commercial aspects, Space access policy…


Abstract submission

You are invited to submit a 500-word abstract from October 25, 2018 till February 11, 2019 (extended to 10 March).

Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to prepare a full 10-15 page paper and submit it before the deadline of 19 June, 2019.
Papers effectively presented and submitted in due time will be published in the conference proceedings with their DOI numbers.
ALL submissions (PDF format) must be made on-line from the web site.
If you are submitting multiple papers, you only need to create one web account.
Please use the same account (login and password as choosen) for any additional submissions.
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Abstract sent by email will NOT be accepted.

Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts can be uploaded from October 25, 2018 until February 11, 2019 (extended to 10 March).

Abstract must include:

Title of the paper
Surnames and first names, postal and email addresses of the authors
An abstract on one A4 page (maximum)
Font: Times – Size: 10 – Line spacing: single
If abstracts are accepted, authors will be invited by 11 March 2019 to prepare a full 10-15 page paper and submit it before the absolute deadline of June 19, 2019.

Papers submitted in due time will be published in the conference proceedings and be fully available via open access.

Commercial papers will be rejected.

Specifications for the Electronic File Format

The abstract MUST be submitted as a PDF-file, saved under PDF. Scanned PDF-files are not allowed. The files must be created using a PDF-distiller, all fonts must be embedded.

The file may NEITHER contain any form of security, NOR bookmarks, links or multiple files in a single PDF file.

Please note that your PDF file must not exceed 3MB.

Official Language

All papers must be submitted and presented in English, the official language of the conference.